Radiance Ritual
This signature style and classic Swedish massage. A therapeutic approach to healing using a variety of massage strokes to soothe and soften the tissue. Muscles release, mind becomes quiet, serenity invites you inward.
$53 (30 minutes)    $73 (60 minutes)    $103 (90 minutes)   $143 (120 minutes)

Deep Tissue
Special attention and care is provided for a deeper muscle release. Connective tissue becomes smooth which, in turn, supports free and easeful movement of joints. Aches and pains dissolve.
$83 (60 minutes)    $108 (90 minutes)    $148 (120 minutes)

Stone Soother
Polished stones are heated / cooled and placed beneath and upon you as you unwind with a Swedish massage and melt away fatigue and tension. Surrender to the feel of the sacred stone!
$118 (90 minutes)

Hemp Oil Body Massage
This luxurious warm oil massage treatment uses 100% organic German cold pressed hemp oil of the highest quality. You will feel both relaxed and rejuvenated.
$108 (90 minutes)

Chakra Circle
A skilled practitioner will balance and harmonize the chakras at the end of a long and lovely Swedish massage. The effect is one of feeling like a fine-tuned instrument.
$108 (90 minutes)

Integrated Therapeutics
Incorporates modalities of several different types of massage techniques, both energetic & physical manipulation.
$78  (60 minutes)    $108  (90 minutes)

Pregnancy Plus
Feel totally cared for. Nourish body, mind and soul with this ultimate massage ~ an act of TLC. Give yourself the gift of deep relaxation. Your baby will benefit too.
$78 (60 minutes)

Couples Massage
You and your partner will each receive a side by side Radiance Ritual massage in a quiet space.  Glide into a place of peace together. 
~ Receive your massage in your suite should you decide to stay the night. (See Bed and Breakfast for Accommodations)
$156  (60 minutes)   $216 (90 minutes)

The reflex points on the feet correspond to points throughout the body.  Allow our therapist to relieve tension through your entire body as she focuses on your feet and lower legs.
$58  (45 minutes)

Add On:

Warm-Oil Treatment 

This is a stimulating scalp massage using aromatic elixirs. Your hair will shine and feel hydrated and nourished. A great accompaniment to a fragrant foot bath or add-on to any massage above.

Add-on to any treatment.

*Treatments and Pricing Subject to Change*